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2008 La Sangre de Jonata - SYRAH
The 2008 syrah is a sensory ride that starts strong out of the gate and accelerates to dizzying heights. Based more in the red fruit end of the spectrum, this version of La Sangre also features the classic grilled steak, white pepper, cacao, iodine, tar and truffles that have defined our previous vintages. Furthermore, it's vibrant and lively on the palate, with a constant tension between bright red fruit and the darker, deeper notes of spice and smoke. It charges to the finish with dusty syrah tannin and invigorating acidity. Both sleek and formidable, this is a surprisingly delicate La Sangre considering the palate weight.

2008 El Alma de Jonata - CABERNET FRANC

More of an elegant ballerina than the heavy weight boxing 2007, the ethereal and perfumed nose shows pure cassis, blackberry, pencil shavings, lavender and an earthy dust-like note. Scorched earth and violets add an exotic hint to the swirling nose. On the palate the wine shows off a balance between vibrant bright red fruit and denser blackberry richness along with a wide array of earth, spice and herbal elements, all held aloft by the invigorating 2008 acidity. The 2008 Alma finishes with some of the finest grained tannins ever off the property; they seem to linger infinitely as the bramble-like black fruit continues to come in waves.

2008 El Desafio de Jonata - CABERNET SAUVIGNON
Much like the 2008 El Alma, this wine is defined by its grace and elegance. It displays the explosive aromatics of the 2008 vintage with classic blackberry, cassis, black olive, mocha and cedar. It's loaded with black fruit and full of tobacco, herbs and dust like the 2007, but with a level of delicacy that keeps the wine lighter and more active on the palate in its youth. At the same time, the density of the fruit sneaks up and surprises after the supple attack, leading in turn to extremely fine grained tannins that convey espresso bean notes and blackberries though a long lasting finish. The El Desafio 2008 is a complete wine that epitomizes the delicacy, focus and quiet power of the vintage.

As the juiciest and currently most expressive of the 2008 reds, the Todos is an exuberant personality, showing off an exotic nose of red fruit mingling with darker spices and subtle toasty notes of coffee and charcoal. As always, it's brimming with heady and intoxicating aromas, an ever-changing display of its different vineyard constituents; herbal notes of cabernet sauvignon commingling with the sanguine notes of the petit verdot and syrah's pure and voluptuous black fruit. The tannin profile is another mélange of the Jonata varieties, with our Bordeaux quartet of cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and petit verdot leading the charge with fine grained, but persistent and earthy tannins.

2008 Fenix - MERLOT
Although the Fenix is still a "young'un" holding its cards close to its chest, as it unfolds, a cascade of cassis, black olive and earthy mushroom notes pour out of the glass--this is truly a wine for the decanter. Dig deeper and you find merlot's classic plum quality and mid-palate toasty notes, melding with that telltale velveteen texture as it spreads across the palate. Black and suave with fine grained tannins and great length.

2008 Tierra - SANGIOVESE
Unmistakable sangiovese earthiness with smoke, leather and cured meats, then pretty red fruit and black plum notes—a beautiful contrast between sweet and savory. On the palate, that red and black fruit is wrapped in a light layer of sangiovese tannin that adds a component of dust and earth. Young and surprisingly delicate (within all that intensity), this rustic beauty is one of our favorite reds with a wide range of cuisine.

2008 Fuerza - PETIT VERDOT

Where this wine is concerned, there will be no sneaking up on anyone. As with its predecessors it proclaims in a loud voice that it has arrived, with a knockout nose of Jonata black raspberry jam, hazelnut, Asian spices, chicory coffee and Nutella. It carries a larger-than-life, dark and brooding nose that portends to the density waiting in the glass. Teeth staining black fruit with a hint of pepper on the palate, this petit verdot is almost chewy in its massive fruit weight. Hints of Santa Rosa plum and a walnut-like texture arrive on the finish. As with past vintages, the tannins in this 2008 initially growl like a tiger, but release their grip early allowing the purity of black fruit to shine through astonishing length.

Pungent nose. Tobacco. Pine needles. Rose petals, floral, bright red cherry, clove, hint of smoke, supple wine with no hard edges, scorched earth, feminine, silk, velvet and spicebox, cherry, cedar. Spiced apple, porcini mushroom and soy sauce. Caresses the palate. Smooth. Seamless. Bright young fruit and dark, earth driven old vine fruit. First wine to exhibit influence from old vine pinot.

Following in the Flor tradition, the 2009 offers up the aromatic profile of a delicate and floral white, but surprises with its vast fruit weight and immense density and intensity. Never before has this sensational tightrope act been more pronounced thanks to the combination of a warm September and the beautiful partnership that exists between the vibrant sauvignon blanc and the rich sémillon. The 2009 blend is unforgettable—during a recent tasting, we likened it to the dancing elephants in the movie, Fantasia, as it remains light on its feet even with its considerable weight.